Industries We Serve

It is possible to list only a few representative industries on this page, due to the wide scope of the industries served by our company. If your needs aren’t specifically addressed on this page, hopefully this will give you some idea what we can do. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Electrical Equipment Manufacturers

Vulcanex® Vulcanized Fibre and Fibrex™ Fibreboard to insulate, to serve as backing for electrical devices, and many other uses. A more detailed overview of our Electrical Insulating Products can be found here.

Plastic Fabricators and Distributors

Phenolex® Industrial Laminated Plastic Sheets and Vulcanex Vulcanized Fibre for
fabrication into items like shims, gaskets, saw guides, and many others.

Automotive Parts Manufacturers

Vulcanex Vulcanized Fibre for Electrical Insulation in items like Voltage Regulators, Generators and Windshield Wiper Motors. SealGuard® Heat Sealing Buffers to seal Sun Visors, door covers and other parts made from sheet or rolled plastic.


Vulcanex Vulcanized Fibre, Fibrex Fibreboard and Phenolex Industrial Laminated Plastic Sheets are all used to make Gasket, Shims and Washers.

Loose Leaf Binder Manufacturers

• SealGuard Heat Sealing Buffers to make your Heat Sealing machines run better and go longer between buffer changes.

Manufacturers using RF Heat Sealing, all of whom can use our
SealGuard Heat Sealing Buffers:

• Tent, Tarp and Awning
• Punching and Stamping
• Medical Devices
• Manufacturers using PVC Packaging
• Loose Leaf Binders
• Inflatables

Leather Goods and Clothing Manufacturers

Vulcanex Vulcanized Fibre and Fibrex Fibreboard to make patterns and to reinforce cases and other leather products.

Luggage and Case Makers

Fibrex Fibreboard is covered with a decorative Coating and Embossing and used as the outsides of Cases. The decorative coating can be made in many colors and patterns. Vulcanex Vulcanized Fibre and uncoated Fibrex Fibreboard are used as the outsides of luggage, trunks and cases, as well as for reinforcing the insides of hard and soft bags.

Die Cutting

Vulcanex Vulcanized Fibre and Fibrex Fibreboard can be Die Cut and Scored readily into many useful products. Both products can also be used as make-ready board for both Die Cutting and Printing.

And Many Others

These are a few of the many industries that we serve. If you don’t see your industry in here, call us. We will do our best to help you.