ISO 9000 Certification

Oliner Fibre Company passed our latest rigorous recertification audit in January 2023. We are certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. The audit was conducted by Quality Systems Registrars, Inc., a highly respected Quality Registrar. We first became ISO 9001:2000 registered in March 2003.

This means that we meet the internationally accepted requirements for a world class Quality Management System. We have retained QSR to conduct annual surveillance audits to ensure continuing compliance.

For us, it was an excellent learning process. Although ISO refers to the process only as a “Quality Management System”, we learned that the QMS applied to many activities. We ended up examining the whole chain of Purchasing, Inventory, Manufacturing and Converting, Order Taking, and Order Fulfillment.

We believe that ISO certification gives our customers a number of benefits:

  • Consistent, proven business processes
  • Focus on, and monitoring of, Customer Satisfaction
  • Evaluate our performance and our progress based on Customer Satisfaction
  • “Self-healing” system; find and fix any problems, continuously look for ways to do even better

Click here for our ISO Certificate (pdf file)

This means that we have systems in place to ensure that we:

  • Work to fully understand customer requirements
  • Provide what our customers need in a consistent and effective manner
  • Systematically find opportunities for improvement, and implement them
  • Monitor and continually improve customer satisfaction
  • and that the existence and adequacy of our systems has been audited by an independent and knowledgeable third party.

We consider our ISO certification to be an important accomplishment for us. It validates a lot of the work that we have done over the years to improve our organization, and it gives us a structure to progress even farther.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

As part of becoming ISO 9001-certified, we survey our customer base, to see how we are doing, and as a baseline to measure our future improvement.

We were very gratified to learn that our Customers rated their overall satisfaction with our company at 2.84 out of a possible 3. The majority of Customers surveyed rated us “excellent”.

We work hard to please our customers. It is very, very nice to see that our customers appreciate that fact.