Note: We regret that due to low sales, we have stopped manufacturing Sheet Lifters. We are continuing to sell off our existing inventory, but we will not be making new stock. We still feel strongly about the usefulness and value of Sheet Lifters, but the Market has spoken.

Plastic inserts for Loose Leaf Binders which keep pages from tearing when the Binder is closed. Sheet Lifters are an important addition to any Loose Leaf Binder.

When you close your Binder, you put a lot of stress on the outermost pages. Use Sheet Lifters to ensure that your pages are moved smoothly into the middle of the Ring, safe from harm.

If you don’t understand what sheet lifters do, we’ve developed a page and a video explaining how they work.


Sheet Lifters are made High Impact Polystyrene, for greater rigidity and strength. Plastic Sheet Lifters are made in five basic shapes:


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