What Do Sheetlifters Do?

Sheet Lifters are the most important Binder Accessory you can buy. You may not know this, but closing your binder can be a stressful experience. Your pages might never be the same.

When you start to close a binder, the pages are on the outsides of the rings, as shown above. In order for the binder to close, the pages have to be moved into the center of the rings. But there’s no way for that to happen except by tugging on the pages, which can rip out the holes.
When you use Sheetlifters, this problem is eliminated. When the binder is closing, the Sheetlifters act as levers, moving the pages gently into the center of the rings. There is no need for pulling, and no stress on the pages.

When you put Sheetlifters in your binder, the lifters use a lever action to force the papers into the middle of the binder as you close it. This makes closing the binder easier, and preserves the important information in the binder.

If the papers were important enough to put into a binder, doesn’t it make sense to spend a penny or two more and make them last much longer?

How to put Sheetlifters in your Binder

Round or Oval Ring Binders require two Sheetlifters (also known as Page Lifters), placed as shown, one on each side, convex side up.

D Ring Binders require one Sheetlifter, placed on top of the pages.

What do Sheet Lifters Do? Video

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