Vulcanex Vulcanized Fibre is made to the highest quality standards.

Vulcanex has superior flatness, punching and forming capabilities, and better dimensional
stability than other types of Vulcanized Fibre.

Vulcanized Fibre is a hard, durable, chemically pure cellulose product that contains no resin or bonding agents. It is manufactured in Rolls, Coils, Sheets, Tubes and Rods. The electrical grade of Vulcanized Fibre is sometimes referred to as Fish Paper.

Vulcanized Fibre can be used for washers, insulating plates, switch and appliance insulation, electric motor insulation, gaskets, automobile parts, luggage, patterns, and many other applications.

Vulcanized Fibre Slitting Machine

We have Full Slitting Facilities in-house

Vulcanized Fibre’s properties include:

  • High Mechanical Strength
  • Excellent Resistance to Heat and Cold, superior to most plastics
  • Light Weight, Half the weight of Aluminum
  • Excellent Electrical Properties
  • Good Arc Resistance
  • Excellent Tear Resistance
  • Can be Machined with Standard Tools
  • Available in Rolls and Coils for easy automatic punching

Our Capabilities:

We have the largest and most varied inventory of Vulcanized Fibre in North America, and most likely, the world. We typically stock over 100 tons of Vulcanized Fibre. We stock sheets and rolls, from .005” to 2.250” thick, in a number of different colors.

We have full slitting capability in-house. We have three slitters that can slit rolls and coils to very tight tolerances, from 0.375″ to 58” wide. We also have saws, paper cutters, shears and sheet slitters that cut sheets to virtually any size, and we can provide die cut or punched parts.

We have total break-bulk capability. We can ship any size order from one sheet to a truckload with equal ease.

We have complete lot traceability for support of your quality system and ours.

Types of Vulcanex Vulcanized Fibre

Vulcanex Vulcanized Fibre is made as thin as .005″ and as thick as 1″ and thicker. It is made in several colors, and several grades. We also have several specialized grades, available only through us. Standard Grades are:

  • Commercial Grade. The most common type, this grade combines good physical properties with good electrical properties.
  • Electrical Grade. Electrical grade is made only in thinner gauges, typically from .005″ to .062″ thick. It has very good electrical insulating properties, and is more flexible with good forming capabilities for applications such as slot wedge insulation.

Electrical Vulcanized Fibre is sometimes referred to as “Fish Paper” (or “Fishpaper”), even though there’s nothing fishy about it.

Forms of Vulcanized Fibre

Vulcanized Fibre comes in Sheets, Rolls, Rods and Tubes. It can also be cut into strips and slit into coils.

Colors of Vulcanized Fibre

  • Grey
  • Black
  • Brick Red
  • Bright White
  • Bright Red

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