About Vulcanex

Superior Quality

We stock and slit our own unique brand of Vulcanized Fibre, Vulcanex. Vulcanex has superior punching and forming qualities, is harder, more moisture resistant, and has better dimensional stability than competitive Vulcanized Fibre. Vulcanex can form and punch shapes impossible with typical Vulcanized Fibre.

Vulcanex is available as Commercial Grade and Electrical Grade (sometimes referred to as “Fish Paper” or “Fishpaper”), and has superior performance.

Vulcanex is made by a company certified for ISO 9001:2015. It is also UL recognized, and rated 94-HB in .031″ and thicker. It’s quality you can depend on.

Customers tell us that once they have used Vulcanex, they won’t use any other brand of Vulcanized Fibre. Try Vulcanex and see the difference for yourself.

Specialized Grades of Vulcanex

We also can offer many specialized types of Vulcanized Fibre, such as Thick Homogeneous Fibre, SuperWhite Bright White Fibre and Flame Retardant Fibre.

Thick Homogeneous Fibre

We are the only source for homogeneous fiber – not laminated – over .100″ thick. We can supply Homogeneous Fibre up to .375″ thick. Homogeneous Fibre forms better than laminated fiber, machines better with no weak spots, does not chip like laminated fiber, and uses no synthetic additives or glues.

SuperWhite™ Bright White Fibre

Our SuperWhite Vulcanized Fibre is by far the brightest white vulcanized fiber available. Whenever you need strength and good looks, this is an excellent material. In stock up to .062″ thick.

Bright Red Fibre

We are the only source for Bright Red Vulcanized Fibre, suitable for knife handles and other applications in which a bright color is useful.

Flame Retardant Fibre

Our Flame Retardant fiber has the same excellent insulating and machining characteristics as standard Vulcanized Fibre, but is rated 94 V-0 by Underwriters Laboratories. This is the most stringent class of Flame Retardancy.

Other Trade Names

Vulcanized Fibre has also been sold by companies which are no longer selling Fibre, or who are out of business entirely. They used tradenames such as Forbon (Commercial Grade), and Peerless and Armite (Both Electrical Grades, also called “Fish Paper” or “Fishpaper”). Our Vulcanex can be used in any application which calls for these products.

Vulcanized Fibre is known throughout the world, but sometimes the name is a little different. In French, it is Fibre Vulcanisée. In German, it is Vulkanfiber.