Vulcanex Advantages and Usages

Advantages of Vulcanex:

• Temperature Resistant; Doesn’t crack in cold like plastic.
• Resistant to most oils
• Arc Quenching
• Forms easily with standard tools
• Easily Machinable yet hard and durable
• Better Moisture Resistance than any other paper or resin-impregnated insulation
• Environmentally Friendly – is made of virtually pure cellulose
• High Mechanical Strength
• Light Weight, Half the weight of Aluminum
• Excellent Electrical Properties
• Good Arc Resistance
• Excellent Tear Resistance
• Can be Machined with Standard Tools
• Very cost-effective. Available in Rolls and Coils for easy automatic punching


Typical Vulcanex Applications:

• Electrical Appliances
• Electrical Instruments
• Electrical Devices
• Luggage And Sample Cases
• Backing for Abrasive Discs for grinding sheet metal
• Textile Bobbins and Shuttles
• Gaskets
• Washers
• Automotive Applications
• Electrical Insulation
• Fuse Tubes benefit from Vulcanized Fibre’s arc extinction properties
• Circuit breakers
• Lightening arresters
• Bushings for motor contacts make use of Vulcanized Fibre’s combination of physical and electrical strengths
• Railroad track insulation
• Welding Masks
• End Laminations for electric motors
• Key Tags
• Jacquard Boards
• Trunk Binding

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