Vulcanex Specifications

The governing specification for Vulcanized Fiber production is ASTM D710. Vulcanex meets this specification. You may also see references made to NEMA VU-1, although this is an obsolete specification and was superseded by ASTM D710.

Federal and Military Specifications are

  • MIL-F-1148
  • MIL-I-695
  • MIL-F-10336
  • MIL-F-13526

We can certify to any of these specifications.

Our Vulcanex also meets virtually all Corporate Specifications (certainly all the Corporate Specs of which we are aware), including GE, Ford, Westinghouse, Black and Decker, as well as many others. In addition, we can certify to Japanese Specification JIS-C2315.

Our Vulcanex is UL recognized, and rated 94 HB. We can also provide Vulcanized Fiber which rated 94 V-0, which is more stringent.

For details on our conformance to any of these specifications, or any other specification information, please Contact Us.

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